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Take a look at what the environment offers for your free-time! Here you´ll find posssiblities for entertenmaint and relaxation. Or take a look at the menu of our restaurant.




Entertainment and Relaxation

Enjoy a sampling of local historic tours or recreational activitie, just let us know. We´ll be happy to help with reservations and/or recommendations.


-   Step in the tracks of Adolph Kolping, Kings, Castle rulers and racing history


-   Go back in time of "Graf Berghe von Trips" and visit the " Villa Trips "

     or experience live racing at the " Nuerburgring "

     or have fun at the "Michael Schumacher"


-    Enjoy a swim in the " Erftlagune "


-    Visite the fitnesscenter " Balance "


-    Several golf courses are available in the vicinity


-    " Ville Seen Platte " caters to your sailing and boating needs


-    Bowling at " Bowl Position " and horseback riding are also available


-    Pamper yourself at the " Sauna Hof Hahn "


-    Ride your bike or take a walk to explore the castles on the

     " Wasserburgen Route " around the " Rhein Erftkreis" or the "Kaiser Route"      from Aachen to Paderborn.


-   Explore the forests or the " Marienfeld " including the hill of high priest


Need entertainment for the little ones?


-    Let them get ready for action at the play paradise " Pippolino"


-    Indluge their fantasies at "Phantasialand" Bruehl


The nearby cities og cologne, Bonn and Aachen offer more attractions.

Visit the Cathedrale and Messe in Cologne, various museums in Bonn and historical buildings dating back to the time of emperor in Aachen.

Cologne is also home to many TV studios such as MMC Studios and RTL, VOX and VIVA.

Shopping opportunities are abundant in any of these cities.

Just ask any of our knowledgeable and friendly staff for brochures of tourist attractions.


Gasthaus Schweitzer
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